Strive Sport


Strive Sport are a broadcaster in Scandinavia showcasing live football from La Liga, Serie A and the MLS — including exclusive interviews, archive and weekly round-up shows. Owned by Endeavor.


Strive was formed in the summer of 2018, by the end of year one they'd achieved over 200,000 subscribers. Over a year long partnership we helped Strive evolve their brand and extend their new logo — designed in-house — to stand apart from an ever-increasing field of competitors.


Strive were determined to demonstrate the drama of the leagues, La Liga, Serie A and the MLS, through their photography — by applying stylised grading creating a "lights on" moment.

tv graphics

We developed a natural match graphics system for Strive’s move into streaming live football. Creating minimal graphics for TV broadcasting — to be used across Scandinavia and on commercial flights in collaboration with Sport24, also owned by Endeavor.

digital product

Inspired by the user interface of the TV graphics, it delivers a clean, information graphic aesthetic. Making Strive accessible to all users across desktop, mobile (iOS and Android) and Apple TV was essential in achieving their growth targets.


To grow the subscription based business model we needed a social presence — continuing the consistent look and feel of the Strive brand, used our grading, typographic style to tell an editorial story through social media which is clear and direct.